Before & After


I’ve been seeing Danielle for years now. She’s passionate about skincare as well as continuously educating and pushing herself in her industry. I started with a microdermabrasion special she was running at the time, and that was all it took, it hooked me. She talks to you about your skincare, what is happening, and why. She’ll draw you pictures, and you’ll quickly find out that she is a skin nerd! She’s waxed me; God bless her! Check out her Signature Skincare treatments. Your skin will thank you for it. I’m a true believer in Danielle, and I can’t say enough about her. My husband was in an accident and had a massive scar across his head. After several treatments and some home care products, she made it virtually invisible. I really can’t say enough good things about her!

– Kristina Eaton

It all started when I was one year out from my wedding, and I knew that my skin needed some serious help. At my first appointment with Danielle, she took the time to go into SO MUCH detail about my skin/acne, what was going on with it, and what we needed to do to get my skin clear. All of the dermatologists I had seen never went into that much scientific detail. I knew that this was a match made in heaven and that she genuinely cared about clearing up my skin. The DMK line she uses is amazing. I noticed incredible improvements quickly and could really feel the difference in my skin. On the day of my wedding, my skin was flawless.


– Margeaux Silva

Danielle, in my opinion, is the QUEEN of knowledge in all things related to skincare! She is genuine in her call to help people feel and look they’re very best. She always explains her treatments in detail, takes her time and does not rush through them. I always feel at peace and completely relaxed with every enzyme facial. The DMK line of skincare products that Danielle uses (including their makeup foundation) line is INCREDIBLE! My dehydrated, dry, flaky skin has made a 180 degree turn to a more radiant, hydrated younger-looking skin with a great overall appearance.

– Carmen Aprim

Anyone looking for a highly qualified professional esthetician will love being a client of Danielle’s. I started seeing her about 6 months ago and my skin has changed so much for the better. Danielle has taught me how to properly take care of my face and skin, and the facials I had improved the overall health of my skin abundantly. 

– Lina Gibson