SKINcare FAQ's

What should I do to prepare my skin prior to my first treatment?


Please make sure you have logged into your client portal and filled out the required forms prior to your appointment.

24-48 hours prior to your first appointment you should avoid any unprotected prolonged sun exposure, facial waxing, and all types of exfoliation at home or professional. If you are currently using any type of Retinol or Vitamin A products on your skin, please discontinue use for at least 5 days prior to your appointment. Any skin that is sunburnt or otherwise considered impaired may cause your service to be rescheduled to another day if I deem it unsafe to proceed with the treatment you have scheduled for that day.

You will be offered the option of an alternative treatment to help speed up the healing process for your skin. You may be charged the cancellation fee for your scheduled service unless you opt for an alternative treatment. Exemptions may only be made for first-time clients and clients with impairments that are clearly not self-inflicted (i.e. sunburnt, waxed, exfoliated) at my discretion.

Things to bring with you to your first appointment at SHOW A LITTLE SKINcare


  • All skincare products you have at home that you have used on your skin in the last 6-9 months
  • A list of all over the counter medications you are currently taking
  • A list of all prescription medications you are currently taking
  • A list of all Dietary Supplements you are currently taking 
  • All cosmetics you are currently using

**Please bring a list of all medications (o.t.c. and prescription) and supplements that you have taken in the last year if they are not part of your current regimen.**

What should I do to protect my skin after my treatment?


The same 24-48 hour rule of no sun exposure, no waxing, and no exfoliation will pretty much be your rule of thumb for pre and post-treatment for most treatments unless otherwise instructed by your esthetician, any change in these instructions will be made at your appointments and in advance. Changes in these instructions are only made for existing clients who are undergoing more advanced treatments.

How do I purchase products?


All available gift cards can be accessed through the Online Store tab.

To purchase products you must be an existing client of SHOW A LITTLE SKINcare, or at the very least have had a complimentary consultation with us. 

You may book a product pickup appointment on the book an appointment page. If you cannot find a product pickup appointment available before you will run out of product, Please contact SHOW A LITTLE SKINcare (209)241-3835  to make arrangements to prevent this. Product and gift card availability is always subject to change.

Online Scheduling

SHOW A LITTLE SKINcare uses the AestheticsPro system to schedule services and manage client information. Below are answers to clients’ frequently asked questions:

How do I view your services?
Click on the tabs at the top of the screen that list all services.

How do I purchase your services?
For our services available online, click on the book an appointment tab above. Once you find the service that you would like to schedule, you can make your appointment request- please note: all services require a credit card to be kept on file to reserve appointments. Your card will not be charged for the service being requested (Please refer to the cancellation/no-show policy for more details about cc on file) ALL services are paid for at the time of service.

How do I purchase your products?
All available gift cards can be purchased in clinic.

To purchase products you must be an existing client of SHOW A LITTLE SKINcare, and we require at the very least have had a consultation with us. 

You may book a product pickup appointment online or you can call the clinic and arrange a product pickup time. If you cannot find a product pickup appointment available before you will run out of product, Please contact SHOW A LITTLE SKINcare (209)241-3835  to make arrangements to prevent this. Product and gift card availability is always subject to change.

How do I review my visit history?
You must first create a login by clicking the Login/Register link in the upper right corner. If you are already an existing client you most likely already have a profile created for you- you can look up your existing profile with your email – If you are unable to create a login, please contact SHOW A LITTLE SKINcare at (209)241-3835.

What if I forgot my login?
Click on the link in the menu at the top of this page titled: Login/Register and click on the link under the login area titled: forgot password?  My system will send an email containing your username and password to the email address that has been saved inside your account.

I created my login, but why can’t I access my account?
If you received this message: “SHOW A LITTLE SKINcare will verify your account and you will receive an email when your account has been cleared to login,” then we need to verify your identity before you can log in. You will receive an email once your login has been approved. To expedite your login request, you can call us at (209)241-3835.

Can I view my upcoming schedule?
Yes, but you must log in first. The login field is located in the upper right corner. If you are unable to create a login, please contact SHOW A LITTLE SKINcare at (209)241-3835.

How do I update my billing information or personal information?
Once again, you must log in. The login field is located in the upper right corner. If you are unable to create a login, please contact SHOW A LITTLE SKINcare at (209)241-3835.

Enzyme Therapy FAQ's

What is it?
Enzyme Therapy Treatments are non-invasive, hydrolyzing skin conditioning treatments, which remove dead protein skin cells from the surface of the skin without peeling the skin. Enzyme Therapy enhances your skin’s capacity to function optimally.

enzyme masque #1, enzyme masque # 2, enzyme masque #3 contains a blend of transfer messenger enzymes, specialized ingredients that help increase circulation, lymphatic drainage, increase free water levels in the skin and enhance collagen production and improve skin functioning.

What does it achieve?
They are used to improve the health of the skin and treat poor skin functioning that contributes to wrinkles, fine lines, premature aging, pigmentation, blackheads, and breakouts. Whatever presents itself on the surface of the skin is representative of what is happening within the skin, DMK Enzyme Therapy helps to restore and regulate skin functioning so we are getting to the core of the problem not merely focusing on the surface.

Who is it for?
Enzyme Therapy is suitable for most skin types and conditions.

How does it feel?
The enzyme masques get very tight and harden on the skin, pulsating into a throbbing feeling. Some clients experience an itching sensation as well. These are all very good signs that the treatment is working at its best.

What to expect
The skin will look plump, fresh and glowing, post-treatment. You may also experience some superficial flakey skin this will vary depending on the amount of dead cell accumulation and the pre-treatments performed before the Enzyme Therapy. Your DMK Skin Technician will give more details of what your tailored treatment combination can detail.

What to remember
While Enzyme Therapy should give a definite improvement and restore health to the skin, topical chemistry cannot guarantee a 100% outcome and the technician cannot provide a definite timeframe in which to expect optimum results.

Results will vary from person to person, as each individual’s skin will respond differently. However, to attain the results you must:

  • Adhere to your DMK Home Prescriptive regime throughout the program.
  • Do not sunbathe or use a solarium for 24 hours post-treatment. If you do expose yourself to the sun, it’s imperative to wear DMK SOLEIL DEFENCE 50+ UVA & UVB
  • Adhere to regular DMK Professional Treatments and your Home Prescriptives regime after the program has finished, in order to maintain your results.

NOTE: This treatment should give improvement and restoration to the appearance of the skin. However, each individual’s result will vary depending on his or her skin type and condition. While many will be satisfied with just one treatment, others may require several treatments over a period of time to achieve their desired results.

Are there any possible side effects?
It is possible that you may experience some of the following temporary contraindications as a result of this treatment:

  • Tightness or dryness of the skin
  • An outbreak of pimples if impurities have been locked under the skin
  • Redness and irritation of the skin. This may be relieved by applying beta gel
  • Darkening of skin prior to exfoliation as underlying pigment moves to the surface
Waxing FAQ'S

Questions & Answers

What makes our wax different from others?
“It’s not just about what we remove. It is about what we leave behind… Healthy Skin!” Unlike traditional methods of waxing, Our wax sticks to the hair rather than the skin, which can significantly reduce the discomfort of waxing. Our wax encapsulates the hair, removing it from the root while leaving the skin undamaged. When the integrity of the skin is uncompromised, there is reduced inflammation, redness and downtime for the client; making painful waxing a thing of the past!

What makes waxing at SHOW A LITTLE SKINcare not just hair removal but a complete treatment?
Our pre and post-wax process includes Cirépil Antiseptic Blue Lotion, Pre-Depilatory Jasmin Oil, and After Wax Refreshing Gel. This exclusive system prepares the skin for waxing and leaves it feeling smooth, cool and undamaged.

Prior to waxing, your SKINcare Professional will first prepare and cleanse your skin with Cirépil Antiseptic Blue Lotion, a low-alcohol cleanser especially recommended for delicate areas and sensitized skin. Next, a few drops of Cirépil Pre Depilatory Jasmin Oil will be applied to the skin to ensure the wax adheres only to the hair, and not the skin.

Once the hair has been removed through waxing, your skin will be refreshed with an application of Cirépil After Wax Refreshing Gel that will calm the skin by reducing redness and inflammation so you can leave your appointment satisfied and confident.

What are the benefits of waxing versus shaving?
Waxing is more effective than shaving because it removes the entire hair from the root, not just from the surface of the skin, giving you longer-lasting results. With consistent waxing over time, hair grows back finer and sparser whereas, with shaving, hair appears to grow back faster, thicker and coarser. In addition, shaving increases the risk of nicks, cuts, ingrown hairs and razor burn especially in sensitive areas such as bikini, chest, and underarms.

How long should I wait to wax if I have shaved?
We will ask that you allow your hair to grow for a minimum of 2 weeks before waxing.

How long will the results of waxing last?
Results can last 2-4 weeks, depending on your hair re-growth. With regular waxing, the length of time required between treatments may increase to 4-6 weeks or longer. Since hair growth patterns differ based on the individual, you may need a few treatments before you see the full benefits of waxing.

What can I do for maintenance between waxing services?
Exfoliate. To improve waxing results and reduce your chances of getting ingrown hairs, ask your SKINcare professional for home care products that will be best suited for your skin. It is recommended that a few days prior to, and after your waxing appointment, you gently exfoliate the skin. You can exfoliate as much as 3 times a week. Removing dead skin cells keeps your skin healthy and soft in-between waxing.

Moisturize. To keep skin hydrated and smooth while helping new hairs to reach the surface of the skin without becoming ingrown, moisturize daily with DMK Maximum Moisture.

How long does waxing take?
Your waxing appointment should take between 15-90 minutes, depending on the area being waxed, the amount of hair being removed, and the type of wax your professional is using. For example, you can expect a Brazilian appointment to last between 30 and 60 minutes and a brow treatment, 15-30 minutes. First appointments typically take a little longer as your SKINcare professional will be conducting a full consultation prior to waxing.

Can I wax when I am pregnant?
Waxing during pregnancy is common; however, with increased hormones and blood flow, pregnant women may be more sensitive to waxing. It is recommended that you consult your doctor first before doing anything with or to your body while pregnant. It is important that you disclose to your SKINcare Professional if you are pregnant or think you might be pregnant prior to the start of your service.

Should I avoid using moisturizer on the day I am going to get waxed?
There is no need to avoid moisturizing on the day of your waxing appointment. In fact, we encourage you to moisturize daily with DMK Maximum Moisture. Your waxing professional will prepare and cleanse your skin with Cirépil Antiseptic Blue Lotion, a low-alcohol pre-cleanser, regardless of whether you have moisturized that day or not.

At what age can I start waxing?
You can start waxing when you reach puberty; however, it is important to note that like pregnancy, puberty is a time where the body experiences lots of hormonal changes that can impact the quantity, color, texture and growth rate of your hair.

So if you’re going through puberty and need waxing done, be mindful that your hair growth cycles are moving faster than those individuals who are in different stages of life. As a pubescent, you will likely need to be diligent in waxing every 2-4 weeks.

SHOW A LITTLE SKINcare will require a parent’s consent for any client under the age of 18 years old. SHOW A LITTLE SKINcare has certain restrictions for waxing minors. Please contact us directly for those guidelines.

Are there any medications—topical or oral— that are contraindications to waxing?
YES, exfoliating or hydroxy-based medications including but not limited to: Retin-A, Renova, Differin, and Tazorac are contraindications to waxing.

Blood thinners, steroids, skin lighters and oral acne medications such as Accutane are also medications that will contraindicate you from waxing. If you wax while on these medications, it may result in skin irritation, peeling, skin lifting or hyperpigmentation. Always check with your doctor first. SHOW A LITTLE SKINcare will refuse waxing service to anyone who is contraindicated while on any of these medications. If you are unsure if your medication will contraindicate you to waxing services please contact us directly prior to scheduling an appointment.

Can I wax before or after I go tanning?
Tanning prior to or after waxing is never recommended by SKINcare Professionals as tanning, in any respect, is damaging to the skin. When waxing, SKINcare professionals aim to protect the skin and minimize the presence of redness and inflammation; therefore, it’s best to not tan before your appointment and to arrive at your appointment with uncompromised skin.

However, after your waxing service, if you’re thinking about tanning or vacationing somewhere warm, we recommend that you wait at least 24 hours before exposing the waxed area to UV rays. No matter how gentle the waxing process, the skin will be slightly exfoliated, more sensitive and be at greater risk for hyperpigmentation. Whether intentionally exposing yourself to UV rays or not, is essential that you wear sunscreen after waxing.

What aftercare advice should I follow after Brazilian waxing?
As with all waxing, Brazilian waxing post-care includes cleansing, exfoliation, and moisturizing. Use DMK Hydra Louffa to cleanse your skin in the shower followed by PROPER PUSS Do Me Dirty coffee scrub as your exfoliant and DMK Maximum Moisture and/or DMK Solar Damage Gel as your moisturizer.

For 24 hours after waxing, it is important to avoid increasing circulation through any form. This includes exercise, tanning, excessive alcohol consumption, and sexual activity. Increasing blood flow and body temperature after waxing can aggravate waxed areas and prolong the presence of inflammation, redness and the potential for infection of the hair follicle.

To lessen sensitivity and make your intimate waxing experience more comfortable, restrict your intake of caffeine or alcohol prior to and after your service. Do not apply ice to the area to be waxed prior to service as this will only constrict your pores making them tighter around the hair follicles that will be removed which will only serve to increase your discomfort during your waxing service.

How can I maintain my bikini line in-between waxing?
Shaving or tweezing in between appointments interferes with the effectiveness of your waxing treatment and will prolong maximum results. Therefore, it’s best to leave the area alone with the exception of exfoliating and moisturizing. Over time, your hair will decrease in density and coarseness and you will be less concerned with the presence of hair in-between waxing appointments because it will become less noticeable.

Why do I have to fill out a questionnaire before waxing?
It is important that you answer questions about your current and past state of health honestly so that your SKINcare Professional can perform your treatment in the safest way possible. Successful service execution requires your full disclosure on client intake forms and during all pre-service consultations. SHOW A LITTLE SKINcare will not assume responsibility for any adverse reactions to services rendered when a client has failed to inform us of contraindicating conditions.

Is there any type of wax that is better for sensitive skin?
Sensitized skin has special needs and wax that contains ingredients designed for reactive skin is the best kind to be used in these circumstances. Any of our waxes can be used on sensitized skin as we only use high-quality waxes that are formulated with client skin health as the first priority.

Chemical Peel FAQ'S

The chemical peel process begins with an exfoliation solution that is applied to the skin and allowed to penetrate through the skin’s layers. During the next 1-14 days, the skin starts to peel off.

Depending on the individual’s skin and the chemical peel used, you may or may not have peeling. This procedure dissolves the upper layers of the skin in a controlled way so that new healthy skin can grow in its place. This process helps to remove dead skin cells and rejuvenate the skin, and it is a great way to help give your skin a beautiful glow.

Over time you can expect some tightening of the skin, clearer pores, improvement in fine lines and scarring, reduced discoloration and an overall brighter even skin tone. We offer chemical peels with no downtime, and we offer other chemical peels that may have your skin peeling for up to 1-2 weeks.

Chemical peels are also used to maximize and expedite the results that can be achieved with our SKINcare programs. We offer a variety of chemical peels. After a thorough skin consultation, your Esthetician will choose the correct chemical peel for your skin type. Each chemical peel is customized to suit the needs of each client. You can treat the face, neck, chest and other areas of the body.

We offer superficial and medium depth peels. A superficial peel is the mildest type of chemical peel and can be used on all skin types. Medium peels penetrate the skin more deeply. We offer a chemical peel for almost any skin type. We use a variety of chemical peels using blended solutions and stand-alone solutions. A thorough consultation with your Esthetician will determine which peel is best for you.

In preparation for a chemical peel, you will need to stop using all topical prescription exfoliating products and glycolic acid products for at least 3-4 days before your treatment. A chemical peel may not be done if you have used isotretinoin (Accutane) in the last 6 months, had recent facial surgery, an active herpes infection on the area to be treated, an impaired immune system, or known allergies to certain medicines.

The procedure begins with a thorough cleansing of the area to be treated. Next, a pre-peel procedure may be done to help maximize the results of the peel. Your Esthetician will discuss with you which pre-peel procedure will work best for you. The chemical peel solution is then applied to the face using cotton gauze, cotton-tipped applicators, or a small soft brush.

The chemical peel is left on the skin for the next several minutes. Some clients may experience a slight stinging sensation, and this is controlled by the use of a small fan for comfort.

Depending on the type of peel used, the peel may remain on the face for the next several minutes or if the peel chosen for your skin is a self-neutralizing “smart peel” solution then you may go home with the peel still active in the skin.

Some of our peels must be neutralized by your Esthetician so water or another solution may be applied to the skin to end the chemical reaction. Post-procedure corrective serums and moisturizers and a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or 50 is applied directly after the peel.

After the peel, your Esthetician will instruct you on how to care for your skin after the peel. Strict use of a sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher is MANDATORY after a peel. Prolonged and/or direct sun exposure needs to be kept at a minimum for at least 14 days after a peel.

We take a progressive approach rather than an aggressive approach with our chemical peels so that we can better control the outcome of each peel. This approach ensures that each client’s skin is treated carefully to suit their needs. Results vary from client to client. Successful results depend on each client’s skin type, skincare before and after the peel, and their lifestyle after the procedure.

After a thorough consultation, your Esthetician will recommend which chemical peel is appropriate for your skin and how often you should have a treatment. Each chemical peel treatment is customized based on your skin’s needs. You may experience light peeling for 2-5 days after treatment. However, those who exfoliate on a regular basis may not see visible peeling.

 This treatment provides nourishing ingredients that brighten, soften, and hydrate the skin’s surface. Helps to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improves acne, smooths skin texture and evens skin tone. TCA (trichloroacetic acid), lactic, and salicylic acids join together to gently produce dramatic changes in your skin’s texture. Each treatment concludes with corrective and antioxidant serums, a retinol booster, and sun protection.

Traditional TCA (Trichloroacetic acid) peels are often thought of as very aggressive treatments that produce substantial discomfort.  PCA Professional™ TCA peels are a perfect balance between the traditional harsh acid peel and a facial treatment. 

Formulated with many ingredients including lactic acid, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), plumping phytohormones and kojic and azelaic acids, PCA peels produce dramatic results treating such varied skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis, hyperpigmentation, rosacea and fine lines and wrinkles without the discomfort and downtime associated with traditional harsh peels. 

The naturally occurring alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs), beta hydroxy acids (BHAs), retinol and trichloroacetic acid (TCA) found in PCA SKIN Professional™ Products loosen dead cells from the skin’s surface, revealing new, healthy cells and smooth, radiant, glowing skin…

Your Esthetician may decide to enhance your TCA peel with additional therapies such as a high-frequency, LED, or extractions to eliminate acne. However, generally, a chemical peel doesn’t include additional modalities or extractions unless your Esthetician determines one of these as the best course of action for your specific skin needs.

This treatment provides dramatic and rapid rejuvenation of the skin. The 4% Pure Retinol Peel is recommended for people with moderate to severe discoloration and normal to resilient skin. This peel is appropriate for treating the visible signs of aging, as well as those with sallow or dull complexions. Skin is smoother, brighter and more evenly toned. A series of 3 treatments is recommended.

PLEASE NOTE: All Chemical Peel treatments require clients to prep their skin with our prescribed home care products for a minimum of 2 weeks. These services are only available for existing clients, NEW clients will NOT be allowed to schedule this service as a first appointment. Please request a consultation appointment to pursue this treatment. 

Do we offer skin bleaching or laser hair removal?

The short answer is no. As a corrective skincare clinic, we want to limit procedures that may further damage the skin. However, we can achieve the same (and oftentimes better) results through Pigmentation Correction instead of skin bleaching. We do, however, offer hair removal with full body waxing or ph Hair Removal.

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