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What should I do to prepare my skin prior to my first appointment?

24-48 hours prior to your first appointment you should avoid any unprotected prolonged sun exposure, facial waxing, and all types of exfoliation at home or professional. If you are currently using any type of Retinol or Vitamin A products on your skin, please discontinue use for at least 5 days prior to your appointment. Any skin that is sun burnt or otherwise considered impaired may cause your service to be rescheduled to another day if I deem it unsafe to proceed with the treatment you have scheduled for that day. You will be offered the option of an alternative treatment to help speed up the healing process for your skin. You may be charged the cancellation fee for your scheduled service unless you opt for an alternative treatment. Exemptions may only be made for first time clients and clients with impairments that are clearly not self inflicted (i.e. sunburnt, waxed, exfoliated) at my discretion. 

Things to bring with you to your first appointment at SHOW A LITTLE SKINcare

-All skin care products you have at home that you have used on your skin in the last 3-6 months

-All over the counter medications you are currently taking

-All Prescription medications you are currently taking

-All Dietary Supplements you are currently taking 

-All cosmetics you are currently using

**Please bring a list of all medications (o.t.c. and prescription) and supplements that you have taken in the last year if they are not part of your current regimen.**

What should I do to protect my skin after my treatment?

The same 24-48 hour rule of no sun exposure, no waxing and no exfoliation will pretty much be your rule of thumb for pre and post treatment for most treatments unless otherwise instructed by your esthetician, any change in these instructions will be made at your appointments and in advance. Changes in these instructions are only made for existing clients who are undergoing more advanced treatments.

How do I purchase products?

All available gift cards can be accessed though the Online Store tab.

To purchase products you must be an existing client of SHOW A LITTLE SKINcare, or at the very least have had a complimentary consultation with us. 

You may book a product pickup appointment on the book an appointment page. If you cannot find a product pickup appointment available before you will run out of product, Please contact SHOW A LITTLE SKINcare (209)241-3835  to make arrangements to prevent this. Product and gift card availability is always subject to change.