Consistency is KEY

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We live in a world of instant gratification. All we hear all day  every day is “Instant this!” and “Overnight that!”, “Free two day shipping!” But the reality with skincare is that nothing is instant, nothing will change overnight. PERIOD.

Think of skin care like other aspects of your health. For everyone who has tried one of the MANY yo-yo diet plans (which I think most of us have) you probably took some pill or did some crazy detox diet, and, yes, you probably lost weight very rapidly. But how long did that last? For most people, the minute you stop whatever quick fix you were using, the weight came slamming back home and usually brought a few extra pounds with it! These quick fixes are just not realistic for the long term. How can anyone be expected to take 4-8 pills every day for weight loss? Or consume a mostly liquid diet? That’s why its called yo-yo dieting: you will just bounce back and forth because these methods are not designed to be maintained consistently.

Can we only eat one food group and maintain healthy eating habits? NO. Can we only eat one piece of broccoli and never need to eat vegetables again? NO. Can we only do one set of crunches and have killer abs and never need to workout again? NO. We must eat a healthy balanced diet CONSISTENTLY to truly nourish our bodies and maintain a healthy weight and metabolism. Also, we must exercise EVERY DAY to maintain a healthy, strong body. If you only do one workout a week your body will reflect that. If you workout every day, your body will reveal that too.

There’s no shortcut to health. 

Now consider this: if you work out with a professional trainer 1-4 x a month they are going to push you much farther than you would push yourself on your own. The trainer will give you a regimen of workouts to do in between sessions as well as dietary recommendations. If you only work out with the trainer and do nothing else, you will see a small improvement over time, but if you follow their home workouts and dietary recommendations you will see a bigger change very rapidly!

This also applies to skin care. If you only do your professionally prescribed home care regimen once a week, your skin will reflect that! If you do your regimen daily your skin will reflect that. Think of your Esthetician as the personal trainer for your skin. She will push your skin farther than you would be able to do at home. She gives you professional skin care treatments and puts you on the appropriate home care regimen so that you can maintain your professional treatment results at home and actively participate in the revision of your skin. Together, you correct the conditions (and prevent future ones) that you sought her out to help treat in the first place. CONSISTENCY IS KEY.

There is no quick fix; there is no way to cheat the system. Give your skin the professional treatments it needs on a monthly basis minimum and follow your home care prescriptions religiously! You will look at yourself in the mirror in another 10 years and thank the lucky stars that brought you to your Esthetician in the first place.

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