10 Reasons to go to an Acne Specialist

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I am an esthetician licensed by the State of California who specializes in acne.  I am referred to as an Acne Specialist. How is SHOW A LITTLE SKINcare different from doctors?  Why would you come to me instead of a doctor? Read on…

1. I have more time to spend with you than a busy doctor. I can listen to all of your skin care concerns.

2. I examine your skin closely and determine what type of acne and what skin type you have.

3. I give you the best products for your type of acne and your skin type.

4. I manage and adjust your homecare regimen to make sure your skin doesn’t get too used to the products. 5. I keep updated with the latest research about acne.

6. I have the best and most effective acne products that do not require a prescription.

7. I am a compassionate and emphathetic clinician who also had acne, so I know what you are going through.

8. I give you honest and straightforward answers to all of your skin care questions; and if I do not know the answer, I will do research.

9. I keep in close contact with you throughout your process of getting clear; making sure that your home care is working properly and your skin is responding.

10. I am hands-on with you in working with your skin, your skin type, your acne type and always do extractions in your treatments.

And hey, acne is one of my specialties, so I better be good at it …….

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